Ecotourism in Kenya at DNRC

We are excited to share with you information on one of our partners in Kenya and their community ecotourism project that is being led by a Kenyan National, Nicholas M. Syano, Drylands Natural Resources Centre (DNRC) is a locally registered NGO whose primary goal is to promote sustainable development of resources of the drylands regions of Kenya in order to bring about improved livelihoods of the marginalized communities and people living there. 

The organization equips subsistence farmers in drylands to restore their degraded lands and address the challenges of deforestation, falling agricultural yields, failing livelihood, water scarcity, loss of traditional knowledge and climate variability through permacultural and agro ecological best practices. 

DNRC Vision is “sustainable and resilient communities in the drylands” While the mission is ‘To promote sustainable development in the drylands of Kenya in order to bring about improved livelihoods of the marginalized communities living there by sharing the best practices and delivering effective program related and not limited to: agroforestry, agro ecology, and permaculture and culture regeneration. 

Currently working with 800 plus households (about 4,200people) and 15 schools (about 4,000 pupil) in the drylands of Kenya and specifically Makueni County.

·      Visit the local market days and interact with the local markets
·      Baking of breads on earthen oven and learn how to cook traditional foods/recipe
·      Working on our tree nursery and learning how to pot, propagate and transplant tree saplings
·      Working on our organic vegetable gardens with our staff
·      Hiking in our nearby hills
·      Attending and or training our over 20 farmers groups
·      Visiting and interacting with our over 15 schools we work with 
·      Other departments they can work are: poultry, cafeteria and garment making

·      We have small tents for accommodation/space for tenting 
·      We have few bandas/Kamba houses for accommodation

You can learn more about the Ecotourism project at: https://dnrckenya.co.ke/.

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