Partner with us to inspire your customers. 

Plant life-saving trees, protect biodiverse forests,

and deliver real impacts that meet your ESG and net-zero goals.

Tree Planting Partnerships That Fight Climate Change, Famine & Poverty

We plant life-saving trees through our global network of Regeneration Hub partners. Our trees are selected because they not only fight climate change, but they also produce highly nutritious food needed by the families on the front lines of the climate crisis.

Your partnership with us not only plants trees but also alleviates hunger and extreme poverty.  The trees we plant together become the foundation of new alternative livelihoods that help tree-planting families gain access to the resources they need to thrive.

Our tree-planting sponsors share our passion for regenerating the earth.  They commit to a specific donation for planting a tree or a certain number of trees for each purchase or service or other customer activation we develop together.

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We customize each of our Sponsorships through a collaborative discovery process.

Contact us to:
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– Develop your own corporate sponsorship or consumer activation program to help us accelerate planetary regeneration.

Why plant trees with RF?

We don’t just plant trees. We plant life-saving trees! 

The devastating effects of the pandemic and the war in Ukraine are taking a toll on our food system.  Today, 41 million people are facing famine.   Ironically, two-thirds are the families of small farmers. 85% of these are women and children.  As a result, 1 in 5 children is stunted due to malnutrition; a whole generation is now faced with the long-term permanent effects of diminished mental and physical capacity due to childhood hunger. 

Corporate tree-planting programs and regenerative agriculture commitments are proliferating.  This money and effort could be planting billions of life-saving trees selected to solve both the climate crisis and the hunger problem.

It is well known that poverty and hunger are primary drivers of deforestation.  Unfortunately, most tree-planting programs don’t solve the underlying causes of deforestation, so trees planted will eventually be trees that are cut down again.  We designed our model to focus on solving the underlying problems that lead desperate people to cut down trees in the first place.  Instead of just planting the greatest number of trees at the lowest cost, we plant the highest-value trees that transform lives, fight malnutrition, and increase incomes for those who plant our trees.  In this way, we create forest value so these families will have food and livelihoods derived from the forests we plant together for the long term.  When you partner with RF your tree-planting dollars will literally save lives and your trees will grow up into healthy functional ecosystems that help tree-planting families thrive.   We select our tree species for the highest combined social and environmental outcomes per tree planted, and we measure the outcomes so you can tell the world all about the great work you are doing.

Our tree-planting approach is very different. 

From the outset, we see tree planting as an integral part of a holistic solution to the underlying social problems that lead to land and forest degradation.  We design our tree planting with local leaders and women farmers.  This ensures we deliver multiple long-term benefits for their communities.

We share the latest tree crop nutrition research with our partners, something very few tree planting groups even know about.  We use this research to teach farmers which tree crops they can plant to quickly resolve common childhood and maternal malnutrition diseases.   We add to that new enterprise infrastructure and training, so farmers come together and plant high-value tree crops that with processing infrastructure, means they can earn much higher incomes, in combination with building local food security through new markets that can be opened up with the help of our Regeneration Hub micro-food processing center.

No other tree planting program offers this holistic approach.

Planting trees with us will ensure each tree planted becomes a highly valued individual within a community-protected biodiverse forest landscape.  We anchor our tree planting programs around non-timber forest product livelihoods. This means the trees we plant become so valuable to the people living in our tree-planting partner communities that no one will cut them down in the future.  Everyone will know that trees help provide them and future generations with valuable food, medicine, and income.   

We also partner with foundations and government programs that help us provide grant funding that further supports communities in building and managing a Regeneration Hub.  So the trees our Hub partners plant generate powerful incentives that measurably halt deforestation and inspire farmers to plant more and more trees.  Soon, neighboring communities want to join in the work to reap the benefits of regenerating.  Our approach can help companies build risk mitigation and climate resilience into their supplier ecosystems, helping them meet their regenerative agriculture sourcing goals.  Hubs help incentivize the rapid adoption of more sustainable farming methods and technical innovations.  In turn, farms begin to draw down carbon which helps heal the earth while providing healthy nutritious climate-proof food and incomes for families.