Tech & Innovation

Regenerative Farms Builds Capacity for Scaling Hub Adoption through Innovation, Tools, and Access to Critical Resources

Many game-changing innovations are emerging daily, yet few of these trickle down to project leaders who are doing the hard work of restoring degraded landscapes in the field.  We use Regeneration Hubs as a center for excellence where we can introduce the most promising new tools and scientific advancements leading the industry.  Because the Hubs offer participating farmers so many incentives to join in the vital work, we are well positioned to introduce new innovations to farmers, train them in their proper use, and reward them for switching.  We also use state-of-the-art monitoring tools to get rapid feedback on efficacy so we can make rapid adjustments as needed to optimize their benefit towards our big goals.

Social Innovation

Just as important as the new technology innovations are the multiple layers of social innovation.  Our Hub Incubator Program offers influential community leaders with entrepreneurial drive the long-term support needed to maximize landscape-level social and environmental impacts.  These fields are advancing rapidly, RF serves the role of an innovation clearing house for our partners, gathering useful tools and training materials, making connections between innovators and start-ups, as well as funders looking to join in scaling-up impactful solutions.  Changing behaviors and restoring severely degraded land, along with starting an enterprise and building processing infrastructure are significant undertakings and they take time. We are able to support a global network of leaders who are all working on these things at the same time.  They each face their own unique challenges, so must design their specific solutions, but can benefit from examples that are working in other places.  They all say the network helps them feel supported and is a good balm to the often isolated rural conditions they work in.

Because our mission is to accelerate the scaling of regeneration, we offer our partners:

A roadmap to Regeneration Hub adoption 
– Case studies and Hub factory designs (eg. Blueprints, co-op agreements, budgets, profitable agroforestry system designs, farmer training curriculum, key innovations/tools.
– Access to technical support/facilitation and resources to help partners adopt the core components to local conditions and build a hub.

Connections to markets and funding
– Support in accessing funding and diversified markets for start-up funding needed to build a hub and grow a regenerative enterprise.
– Links into ongoing revenue streams (regenerative ag supply chain transition/investment, corporate tree planting donations, carbon offsets)

Capacity-building support and a community of like-minded leaders doing similar work
– Programs and a facilitated knowledge-sharing network, including ongoing access to Regenerative Farms staff, innovations, and a learning community with other Hub leaders from around the globe.