We partner with local organizations and enterprises.  We provide a Hub incubator program designed to accelerate and scale-up regeneration

We Provide Partners with Hub Incubation Support

We accelerate on-the-ground regeneration by supporting a global network of field partners who adopt the Hub model with our support.  We also support corporations who want to sponsor Hubs or implement a Hub with their own ingredient growers on a fee-for-service basis.   Learn more about our Hub Incubation Program.

Regenerative Agroforestry

RF promotes a climate-optimized approach to Regenerative Agriculture that also emphasizes gender equity.  We train our partners to teach farmers how to improve soil health as the foundation of a productive regenerative farm.  The farmers get support, better incomes and other incentives that lead to behavior change.  The community begins to restore its degraded lands.   We co-design each program with local leaders to build on the wealth of local wisdom, and traditions.  Hubs honor and acknowledge their valuable indigenous knowledge and practices.  We provide tools for equitable cooperative governance structures and co-creation of the co-benefits ensuring leadership positions for local women farmers.

We Prioritize Gender Equity for Inclusive Climate Resilience

RF trains Hub partners to use an approach that prioritizes Gender considerations and climate-resilient regenerative agriculture. Our partners teach women farmers how to plant optimized agroforestry systems and incentive communities to improve gender equity. We help identify critical nutrient deficiencies affecting women & children in the region. Then assist Hubs in sourcing high quality seeds so women can plant a diverse home garden full of multi-strata agroforestry crops that can boost nutrition and food security.  In this way, families can increase health and income and can always meet the full dietary needs of lactating women, year-round.  We encourage our Partners to work with health clinics and community outreach workers to teach women how to ensure their health by growing, harvesting and properly cooking the crops to retain crucial nutrients.  We show our partners how to develop monitoring tools that measure benefits for women including improvement in nutrition, and we also help Hubs publicly celebrate reductions in nutrition-related health conditions, stunting, that result from the new approach to farming.

Tech & Innovation

Regenerative Farms works with leading scientists and inventors, sharing useful innovation, Technology and tools that help accelerate regeneration.  We gather data from our Hub partners to build strong business case studies and to improve and innovate our Hub factory designs.  By layering multiple leading industry innovations with access to proven Hub Blueprints, business models, farmer and community-level co-operation agreement examples, we accelerate the time it takes for an implementation partner to successfully develop a Regeneration Hub and begin restoring degraded lands.  We offer real-world project budgets, profitable designs for diversified agroforestry systems, connections to experienced farmer trainers, regionally appropriate crop seeds, and highly valuable lived experience offered by other leaders in our Network of Hubs. – Access to technical support/facilitation and resources to help partners adopt the core components to local conditions and build a hub.  Our Hub incubator and model offers funders and corporate sponsors/partners a solution they can readily replicate within their own portfolio of projects and ingredient supplier communities.