Regenerative Agroforestry

RF promotes a climate-optimized approach to Regenerative Agriculture that also emphasizes social justice.  We train our partners on how to improve soil health as the foundation of their farm and teach them how to restore degraded lands while improving profitability and gender equity.   We co-design each program with local leaders so we build on the wealth of local wisdom, traditions, and honor and acknowledge indigenous knowledge and practices.  We encourage use of cooperative governance structures and co-benefit programs that have inclusive leadership that includes representation of local women farmers.

Gender Empowerment – We design regenerative farming systems and enterprises to specifically address the often overlooked ad unique needs and constraints faced by rural women farmers.  We focus first on establishing a food forest home garden filled with a specific set of tree crops that can best supply women with a year-round, high-quality nutritious diet that will alleviate common malnutrition ailments, improving the health outcomes for each woman and her family. This approach directly addresses some of the common difficulties women face in obtaining costly annual crop seeds and farm inputs, as well as inequitable access to credit, land, free time, training, and many other basic necessities that limit their income and productivity.

We start with the best tree crop varieties/high-quality seedlings/proven innovative tools. We train Hub partners in the design and selection of specific improved varieties of high-value perennial crops, this can make all the difference in developing a profitable enterprise.  Then we layer in key innovations that speed up regeneration, and that help our partners quickly create programs that teach and enable women and their families to transition to farming systems that can improve their quality of life for the long term.

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