Our Team


Sarah Sitts

International development professional with experience in Botswana, Cambodia, Kenya, Mozambique, Myanmar, Nepal, Nigeria, Swaziland, Tanzania and Vietnam. A highly effective team leader and consultant, successful in developing, implementing and strengthening international development projects. Sector expertise in resilience, inclusive markets, women's economic empowerment and natural resource management. Sarah worked as a consultant with RF. She helped develop our Theory of Change, Gender Equity Toolkit and Trainings and establish our Monitoring & Evaluation framework with our local partners.
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Dennis Norris

Dennis comes to RF with decades of large-scale national and international program operations experience as well as grant writing expertise. He has written for and managed grant-funded projects throughout the World, and has secured multi-million dollar grants from USAID, AusAID, DFID, CIDA, United Nations, European Union, World Bank, US Military, and more. Dennis recently served as the Senior Operations Advisor for the United Nations in Afghanistan. He is a national trainer on grant writing and grant management and was a fundraiser for the Mara Elephant Project in Kenya. Dennis works as a part-time Co-Executive Director, assisting RF and its local partners with grant research and writing as well as fundraising training.

Clark Miller

Clark is a very part-time advisor, helping support RF’s organizational administration, compliance, and financial management, along with RF’s Fundraising Board development. He has a strong international organizational management background having been a C-Suite executive of a wide range of for and non-profit international organizations and companies ranging in size from start-ups to multi-million dollar global NGOs and food/ag companies, including Nestle and Con Agra.

Roland van Reenan

Roland is a consultant we work with to offer our partners hands-on training at their site. Roland is based in Kenya where he and his partner run their own demonstration and training farm in the drylands without irrigation. Roland assists with design for homegarden food forests, and provides on-site multi-day train the trainer and train the farmer workshops as well as design and installation of demonstration syntropic agroforestry and permaculture training farms for our partner sites.

Eric Toensmeier

Eric is the Founder of the Perennial Agriculture Institute and a carbon farming and agroforestry expert who provides training and research support to RF and its partners for the design of the RF agroforestry capacity-building program. Eric's expertise is used to help women build climate Resilience through the planting of highly nutritious Trees in Women's Food Forest Home Gardens as well as high-value crops for processing and sale into local, regional, and international niche markets.

Mary Johnson