345 million people face starvation in 2023, creating a global emergency of unprecedented magnitude. The numberof people facing acute famine doubled since the start of the pandemic. -David Beasley, executive director of the UN World Food Programme-

Famine and land degradation are intimately linked. The solutions are too.

Scientists warn that to stabilize the climate, we must restore 2 Billion hectares of degraded land by 2030. At Regenerative Farms, Inc., we know that the people best positioned to regenerate this land— are poor women farmers who live predominantly in the global south.  Not coincidentally, these same women are also the ones on the planet who are most devastatingly impacted by climate change. They have the least access to the resources needed to care for the land, and their families are the most likely to face imminent starvation. We created Regenerative Farms to change all this.  We are on a Mission to build 20 regional Regeneration Hubs with communities of rural farmers by 20230.

Help us seed Regeneration today!

Our DNRC-led Hub in Kenya helps women in the Umoja Women’s Village learn how to plant fruit trees that improve nutrition security, generate income, and restore the land during a syntropic agroforestry training, Oct. 2022.

Watch the video. We connect women with high-quality tree seeds, skills to create their own tree nurseries, and knowledge that helps them switch to regenerative farms.  Women learn to grow and properly cook highly nutritious tree crops chosen for their ability to help fight famine.  Their crops offer local food to permanently feed the hungry children suffering from malnutrition, providing a locally grown cure to preventable and devastating diseases common where they live.

Donate Today to help us plant trees to feed more children. Each dollar you give helps us train more women while helping them plant trees that work to stabilize the climate. Even a small monthly contribution helps us plant the right trees in the right places and ensure they grow into thriving food forests.

Hubs help heal the climate.

Just one Hub can plant a million trees in a year, and once established, it can teach others to build more Hubs, creating a ripple effect to restore entire landscapes. The more donations we receive, the sooner we can help build more Hubs, which means more trees planted and more forests protected. Regenerate today!

The inspiration for Regenerative Farms, conservationists Willie and Theo Smits developed the design for the Hub model, based on over 40 years of work protecting Orangutan rainforests in Indonesia.

Hubs are designed to empower women farmers.

The APAA Congo-led Hub in DRC trains women farmers to plant nutritious fruit trees in 3 villages, Sept. 2022.

Systemic gender oppression around the world means that women and girls experience far more deadly outcomes from climate disasters than their male relatives. That is why we specifically focus on empowering women and helping them access the resources needed to survive and thrive despite climate change. Each dollar donated helps women farmers plant life-saving trees that feed their entire community year-round. Donate today.

We are helping women build Hubs in places where they face severe oppression and gender violence and where families are facing the devastating effects of widespread famine, including in Peru, Kenya, Haiti, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Did you know that when combined, educating and empowering women and girls is ranked as one of the top climate solutions?

Hubs help companies build responsible ingredient sources.

We can help your company meet commitments to the UN SDGs and accomplish net-zero or regenerative sourcing goals. Companies can become Hub sponsors or can hire us to help support their own supplier communities in building Hubs. Partner with us.

Food companies can help by purchasing regeneratively grown ingredients from our existing Hubs. Each dollar contributed helps create productive farming landscapes that protect biodiversity and transition farmers over to regenerative agriculture so that we can feed the world with healthy nutritious food while stabilizing our climate.

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Hubs support Indigenous sovereignty.

Your support also helps Indigenous tribal communities halt illegal deforestation, land grabs, and territorial incursion, another critical step needed to stop climate change. Your donation helps us support the creation of locally owned businesses designed to create economic incentives and much-needed resources for Indigenous communities who work hard to protect their carbon-rich, biodiverse tropical rainforest lands. Hub businesses provide their communities with revenue used to help protect and restore their native forests, preserve their culture, and secure the threatened foundation of their way of life. Get involved.

Biodiverse rainforest protected by Indigenous tribes in partnership with Moen Botanicals in the Peruvian Amazon, led by Hub partner Camino Verde.