More Ways to Help

Sponsorships, & Regenerative Ingredient Sourcing

Corporations can help sponsor regeneration in many ways.  Contact to learn more.

We help corporations design corporate social responsibility and sustainability programs to match their goals and offer their employees and customers meaningful ways to participate in scaling regeneration.  Companies can:

  • Initiate a “buy-one”/”plant one” nutritious fruit tree-planting program
  • Sponsor a Regeneration Hub within one of your own ingredient/supplier communities or offset your GHG emissions.
  • Purchase ingredients from our current Regeneration Hubs
  • Fund a women farmer’s training program, s
  • Publicize a social media campaign that engages your customers in fundraising to meet their desire for easy ways to help
  • Develop a customer engagement program, reward customers in ways that show them how your products support the planet
  • Help fund a program that fights famine and combats childhood malnutrition diseases
  • Initiate a program to match employee donations or offer them paid time to participate in our volunteer opportunities.

Foundations & Individual Donors

Portrait of ilipe nut farmers next to sun-dried ilipe nuts at a village in Sintang regency, West Kalimantan, Indonesia.

Our Foundation and individual donors provide critical operating and programmatic support that helps catalyze others’ donations.  These funds are crucial for funding staff who do the day-to-day work and provide a stable foundation to our organization so we can plan and grow our impact from year to year.  Even if your funds are spoken for this year, introductions to other funders in your networks are invaluable as more than 70% of Foundations do not accept unsolicited letters of interest.

Ask to speak to one of our current donors and learn how you can reach your own goals by helping us scale up the adoption of the Regeneration Hub model.

We have a list of communities waiting for our support and need your donation today in order to grow our team to reach all communities and scale up our impact.  Email to schedule a conversation to learn more.

Our donors and supporters include:

We are also grateful for the many generous volunteers, individuals and family foundations who have made contributions that support our work, as well as the discounted services offered by corporations.

Social and Environmental Impact Investors

Social Impact Investors and Foundations that make program-related investments can also help scale up regeneration.  Some of our Hub partners are set up as private benefit corporations or enterprises which means they are able to receive investment support.  If you are looking to add regenerative agriculture or climate-beneficial enterprises with strong benefits for local communities and women, contact us to explore how to include Hubs in your social investment portfolio.  We can connect you with fund managers and Hub projects where you can put your capital to work in support of scaling up these valuable social and environmental outcomes and helping us grow the funding base needed to reach our big climate goals.

Contact us to learn more about our Corporate Sponsorship Opportunity

We Customize Each of our Sponsorships through a collaborative Discovery Process

Contact us to:
– Discuss your CSR/regenerative consumer marketing goals/needs/audience.
– Understand our regenerative consumer personas and audience.
– Discuss the Regeneration Hub opportunity for consumer activation.
– Develop your own corporate sponsorship or consumer activation program to help us accelerate planetary regeneration.

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