Our Hub Incubator-The Details

We Help Local Communities Build Regeneration Hubs that Cool the Planet.

Regenerative Farms, Inc. provides Hub leaders with capacity building support.  We work with local organizations that intend to adopt our model and help scale up regeneration where they live and work. This process takes time.  We partner with these leaders over several years, keeping pace with the steps required to transition large groups of farmers to new farming systems, grow trees, and restored ecological systems at large scales. We share our model, case studies, Hub crop processing center blueprints, assessment tools, training materials, and innovations and introduce new Hub partners to our Global Network of Hub experts.  We provide a range of context-specific advisory support to walk each Hub leader through the design/build process. We work with small grassroots local organizations all the way up to global NGOs. We also work with companies who need help growing their regenerative ingredient sources, or who want to do more with their CSR and tree planting programs. We also share our model with Foundations and Tree planting groups who want to accelerate their impact.

We provide Hub partners with:
– Hub Model
– Capacity Building Training
– Regenerative Enterprise Case Studies
– Agroforestry Demo Farm Set-up
– Micro Factory Technical Expertise
– Impact Monitoring Tools
– Funder/Buyer Connections
– Innovations to Accelerate Ecosystem Restoration

As we secure funding to help establish new Hubs, we work with local community partners who have requested our assistance and who meet our partnership readiness and ethical management criteria.

Our Capacity Building Programs include:

*Introduction and Assessment of a new potential partner

Introduction to our roadmap for Hub adoption which outlines the step-by-step process and skills needed for building and operating a Regeneration Hub,

1:1 support from technical specialists and other Hub leaders for new Hub partners.

Once a partnership agreement is signed, we provide new Hubs with designs and specifications for critical infrastructure and equipment needed for building a micro-food processing factory.

*Our team then offers ongoing guidance and customized training.

*We share our curated library of self-study training tools for ecological restoration, regenerative agriculture, developing trust and equitable relationships with local communities, and monitoring methods to evaluate progress in every step of the Hub build-out, scaling, and impact process.

*We provide training tools for our Gender and Climate resilience optimized approach to Regenerative Agriculture.

*We grant new partners access to our facilitated Knowledge Sharing Network comprised of all our Hub Leaders, and connections to interested funders and regenerative ingredient buyers who assist us with scaling-up regeneration.