Regeneration of Agricultural Ingredient Supply Chains

We match companies seeking to transition their supply over to regenerative agriculture sources with producer groups. Then we provide experts and innovations to help your suppliers grow superior quality tree crops that meet your specifications while also ensuring local food security outcomes and protection of high biodiversity forests.

*Contact us today to learn how your company can take the lead in scaling the adoption of regenerative agriculture.  We guide you through the transformation of your ingredient sources, so you can begin building a more just, transparent, and equitable supply ecosystem based on supportive trust-filled relationships with the farming communities you source from.

Regenerative Tree Planting Program Services

We help companies develop customized tree planting programs to reach biodiversity and net-zero carbon emissions goals.  Our approach builds climate resilience and women’s empowerment for the grower communities who farm your top ingredients, leading to long-term risk mitigation.  Our approach helps deliver long-term forest protection and better survival rates for the trees you plant, making the most out of your tree planting program dollars.

*Corporate support for building one Regeneration Hub has a ripple effect designed to grow into the long-term restoration of large-scale supplier landscapes, and investments can often be matched by government programs.  Contact us to learn more, and let us help you Regenerate your program today!