Growing Hope: Regenerative Farms is Fighting Child Hunger with SuperFood Trees

How We Fight Malnutrition Differently At Regenerative Farms, we are dedicated to transforming the lives of mothers and children by combating child hunger with innovative, regenerative agricultural solutions and support for indigenous communities working to preserve their traditional cultures and foodways. Our unique approach to fighting hunger focuses on empowering…...

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We Help the Women Who Feed the World

“Imagine a world where the hands that till the soil and nurture life are often the same hands that go to bed hungry at night. This is the reality for millions of women who toil tirelessly to feed their families and communities, yet face insurmountable challenges like gender inequity, limited…...

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Plant A Tree & Save Lives for just $1 this Earth Day!

Dear Regenerative Farms Supporter, This Earth Day, join us in honoring our planet and its tireless caretakers. A donation of just $1 today could help us empower a hungry woman to plant a life-saving tree. That tree will grow up to provide her family hundreds of pounds of nutritious food…...

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The Power of Regeneration -a Beacon of Hope Empowering Female Pastoralists in the Changing World of East Africa

The Journey from Food In-Secure to Empowered and Nourished Imagine a land parched by years of devastating drought, where elephants and humans compete for dwindling resources. This is the reality for Christine, a young, smart, and energetic pastoralist woman from the Samburu region of Kenya. Christine is living in a…...

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