🌿 Breaking Ground: Tribes and Natures Defenders Join Forces with Regenerative Farms to Transform the Mindanao Landscape

In the heart of the Philippines’ Mindanao region, where lush rainforests once stood tall, a powerful force is rising to defend ancestral lands and breathe life back into the earth. Regenerative Farms proudly announces its newest Regeneration Hub Partner, the inspiring indigenous peoples organization, Tribes and Natures Defenders, led by the humble yet visionary tribal leader, Datu Lanelio Sangcoan.

The collaboration began in the spring of 2023 when Regenerative Farms introduced Tribes and Natures Defenders to the groundbreaking Trees for Climate Health Initiative. Thanks to the generous support of Jonas Philanthropies, this partnership has sprouted into a Native Indigenous Tree Planting project that holds the promise of not only reversing deforestation but also empowering indigenous communities in the Mindanao region.


Mindanao’s Deforestation Crisis: A Call to Action

The statistics are stark and alarming. The Mindanao region has witnessed a rapid depletion of its once-thriving forests, with deforestation rates soaring at an alarming pace. This devastation is not merely an ecological concern but a direct threat to the indigenous peoples whose ancestral forests have been defiled by extractive industries including gold mining, logging and land grabs. The intricate web of biodiversity that once flourished here is unraveling, putting not only the environment but also the cultural heritage of their communities at risk.

Indigenous peoples, like the ones led by Datu Lanelio Sangcoan, are on the front lines of this environmental crisis. The significance of preserving their ancestral lands goes beyond ecological conservation; it’s a fight for their very identity and continued way of life. The Mindanao rainforests are not just a collection of trees; they are a living testament to the rich tapestry of cultures, traditions, and wisdom woven together and revered by the indigenous communities who have cared for them over centuries.

Regeneration in Action: The Trees for Climate Health Initiative

Enter the new partnership between Regenerative Farms and Tribes and Nature’s Defenders. Through the Trees for Climate Health Initiative, the partnership has a budding start in the creation of a new Regeneration Hub to help halt the threats that are destroying these high carbon forests.  The partnership will allow both organizations to collaborate set on securing new resources to help restore the balance that has been disrupted by deforestation. With this initial injection of funds from the Jonas Philanthropies grant, we’ve embarked on an ambitious mission to plant 20,000 native trees.  This effort is a welcome beacon of hope in a landscape marred by ongoing ecological threats and few funders to turn to.

These native tree seedlings are not future rainforests; they represent a commitment to mitigating climate change and fostering cascading benefits for decades to come for the indigenous peoples of Mindanao. The ripple effects of this project will extend beyond environmental restoration; they touch the lives of the children, women, and men of the Indigenous Peoples Communities who live here through various programs led by Tribes and Natures Defencers and supported by Regenerative Farms. Together the plan is to expand tribal led education, healthcare, and sustainable community development projects including a cooperative rainforest friendly coffee enterprise.

Empowering Communities, Restoring Hope: Tribes and Nature’s Defenders’ Vision

Tribes and Natures Defenders, under the steadfast leadership of Datu Lanelio Sangcoan, envision a future where indigenous peoples of the region can thrive in a healthy and peaceful coexistence with the forest. Their mission transcends environmental protection; it encompasses cultural preservation, and participatory management of economic, political, and cultural well-being.

In this collaborative effort with Regenerative Farms, Tribes and Nature’s Defenders is not merely planting trees; we are sowing the seeds of sustainable peace and economic development. The impact is profound, contributing to restoring our traditions of a harmonious balance between meeting the needs of humanity and protecting the environment.

Join the Movement: Support and Learn More

As we celebrate this monumental partnership, you too can be a part of the change. Explore the inspiring work of Tribes and Nature’s Defenders at www.tribes-natures-defenders.org and witness firsthand the resilience of indigenous communities in the face of environmental challenges.  Please share their work across your social media to increase support for their efforts.

For those eager to make a tangible difference, consider donating thru the Regenerative Farms donation portal. Your support will help us partner with local organizations to build more Regeneration Hubs, protecting ancestral lands, biodiversity hotspots, and planting trees to restore rainforests while protecting them from growing threats including land grabs and other illegal incursions such as mining operations.

Together, we can turn the tide and usher in a new era of regeneration, where the earth flourishes, and indigenous communities thrive. Join us on this journey towards a sustainable and harmonious future.