Community Fruit Tree Planting in Roatan, Honduras

After three successful planting seasons, it’s exciting to see the results begin to take shape of this program located in Roatan, which is an island located 65 km off the coast of Honduras. Roatan is only 83 km2 and has shifted away from its traditional farming and fishing economy to a tourism-driven one. However, these changes have seen an overreliance on imported food.

Support Roatan started during Covid when the island was locked down, tourism stopped and food shortages began. They aim to create awareness about the importance of fruit tree planting and actively work with local communities to plant fruit trees while creating value for fruit harvests. 

They believe when you plant fruit trees with communities, you aren’t just helping the environment and future generations, you’re immediately impacting the lives of families in need. You foster healthy, thriving communities where people support each other and build the local economy while building resilience for the environment and communities.

Over the past planting seasons, Support Roatan has managed to plant thousands of fruit trees with a focus on breadfruit, for its high yield, environmental benefits, its ability to improve the island’s food security, and the possible processing options including flour available from excess breadfruit. Breadfruit has always been an important food source in Roatan, and they hope to revive the interest in the modest, at times over-looked fruit tree while developing community and economic benefits.

We look forward to assisting Support Roatan over the coming years in turning their fruit tree planting projects into so much more. Stay tuned!!!

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