Nature conservation through collaboration with and development of the local population.

Masarang does not look at an environmental issue in isolation, but provides integrated solutions. Masarang’s activities uniquely connect nature’s capacities, the potential of local people, local customs, technology and science. Nature needs to be protected, but this protection should also create revenue and be supported by the local community.

Masarang implements smart and innovative solutions which have been shown to work. Masarang fights not only the symptoms of an environmental problem, but tackles them at the root. We implement sustainable solutions that really work in the long term.

Nature protection is only sustainable when local people benefit from it and support it. The activities of Masarang are deeply rooted in local society and is mostly carried out by local people, who, because of this, are able to create a sustainable livelihood and protect their natural environment actively.

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We Restore Rainforests

Masarang does research for environmental organizations into how and where reforestation can best be executed. With its experience and expertise in reforestation, Masarang firstly determines which locations suit the different types of reforestation techniques by looking at factors such as soil quality, rainfall, altitude and the contribution to the local economy. Secondly, Masarang examines how reforestation is done most efficiently, which trees should be planted ad in what order. Finally, they help in the implementation of the project and in its monitoring.

“Everything is based upon the one thing, to make sure that forest remains there. So if we want to help the orangutans, which is what I actually set out to do, we must make sure that the local people are the ones that benefit.” Dr. Willie Smits, Ted Talk, 2009

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