January 2021
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Forestwise is dedicated to creating #RainforestValue in order to sustain the rainforests of Borneo. Our mission is to #StopDeforestation and create #RainforestValue by developing a market for valuable products from the rainforest and empower local people to protect the remaining forest.

700+ families

+17% farmer income

25 Villages

$2880 Revenue/ha

Wild-harvested rainforest ingredients for cosmetic and food applications

By helping to maintain the wild rainforest, Forestwise conserves wildlife, generates employment and income for local inhabitants, and safeguards fresh water, fresh air and fertile soils. Forestwise increases the economic value of the remaining forest, and give forest communities a sound incentive for continuing to protect it.

Forestwise was founded in 2018. The processing methods of illipe butter from PT Forestwise Wild Keepers are certified by Ecocert with the Fair for Life, NOP Organic and EOS Organic certificates.

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Forestwise creates #rainforestvalue

In the past 50 years, more than 50% of Borneo’s original rainforest has been lost to deforestation. Every second, a patch of rainforest the size of a soccer field disappears to make place for monoculture plantations. This has huge impact on the environment and the people who live in it.

The rainforest contains many products that can be harvested from the wild: gathered from their natural habitat without causing the rainforest any harm. These products contain many powerful natural ingredients that find valuable uses in the cosmetics and food industries.

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